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This guide has three pages. This page is about finding articles on a topic. There are also pages about locating a specific article and using peer reviewed articles.

Find Articles on a TOPIC


OneSearch is a great place to start your research. The Library subscribes to over 90 different databases on your behalf, and they contain all sorts of information—journal articles, eBooks, newspapers, statistics, etc. OneSearch is a quick (Google-like) way to start your search. It searches most of the Library’s databases all at the same time.

You can use the basic search box below or go to Advanced Search to use the three boxes to divide your topic into its main ideas. Here is a short tutorial of Search Tips and a video about using advanced search in OneSearch.

Library's OneSearch


 Find articles, eBooks, etc.

Switch to Advanced Search

OneSearch Video Series

Using Folders Video

What am I Searching?

Subject-Specific Databases

If your search is related to a specific subject area, such as Business or Healthcare, then a subject-specific database may generate fewer but more relevant results. Visit the Research Guide for your discipline to learn which databases are recommended for your subject area.

Google Scholar

By accessing Google Scholar via the Excelsior Library you will gain more full text access in Google Scholar. Sources that include a Get Fulltext @ Excelsior link are available to you through the Library's collections.

Google Scholar Search