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Primary Sources

Tags: history, primary sources
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Types of Primary Sources

  • Artifacts
  • Audio recordings
  • Data
  • Diaries
  • Internet communications (ex. email, listserv postings)
  • Interviews
  • Legal documents (ex. birth certificate, trial transcript)
  • Letters
  • Maps
  • Newspaper articles written at the time
  • Original research (ex. empirical article)
  • Patents
  • Photographs and images
  • Proceedings of meetings, conferences and symposia
  • Records of organizations, government agencies (e.g. annual report, government document)
  • Speeches
  • Video recordings
  • Works of art, architecture, literature, and music (e.g., paintings, sculptures, musical scores, buildings, poems)

(Adapted from the University of Maryland's University Libraries', Research Using Primary Sources guide)

How to use this guide

This Research Guide is designed to help you find primary sources and understand what they are.

Watch the video "What are Primary Sources?" and review the bulleted list "Types of Primary Sources" to help gain an understanding of what a primary source is.

Then, find primary sources:

Quick Video: What are Primary Sources?