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What are renewable assignments? What is open pedagogy?

A renewable assignment differs from traditional (disposable) assignments in that the student’s work won’t be discarded at the end of the process, but will instead add value to the world in some way. 

Adapted from Toward Renewable Assessments by David Wiley under CC BY 4.0.

Open pedagogy is a high-impact practice that empowers students by providing them an opportunity to engage in information creation through the use of renewable assignments. 

From University of Texas at Arlington Libraries under CC BY-NC 4.0.

How can I adapt an existing assignment?

Many popular types of assignments can be adapted to become renewable. Certain high-impact practices, such as service learning and undergraduate research projects, have a high degree of overlap with renewable assignments. Research papers are typically disposable but can be made renewable by adapting the assignment design and openly licensing the products.

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What are some public spaces and open publishing options for student work?

Wiki Education

Student Intellectual Property and Privacy Rights

Students should be aware of their rights as information creators. Open pedagogy assignments should empower students by offering them agency and choice. Inform students about these assignments up front and obtain student consent to license their copyright-protected work and/or publish any work that might be considered an educational record under FERPA.

Following are some sample student agreements applicable to different types of assignments and projects: