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TECH330: Economics Analysis for Technologists

Assignment Tips

Research a recent lottery win

Search for the word "lottery" or the phrase "lottery winner" using the Newspaper Source database (below) or a search engine of your choosing to find information about a recent winner.

Cite your sources in APA

Required materials

Council for Economic Education. (2012). Debt and equity financing [Video]. YouTube.

Accion in the U.S. (2015). Debt vs. equity financing [Video]. YouTube.

Required materials

Video Arts (Producer). (1982). <i>Cost, profit and break-even: Classic John Cleese business education videos</i> [Video].

Required materials

NewsHour (Producer). (2011). <i>Tracking inflation: How fast are prices rising?</i> [Video].

Research recent changes to corporate income tax laws

Search for the phrase "corporate income tax" and "Trump" using the Business Source Complete database (linked below).

Example of how to enter search terms into the Business Source Complete advanced search screen:

corporate income tax AND Trump

Background information on ARCS

Cite your sources in APA

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