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TECH340: Introduction to Energy Utilization

Tips for completing your discussion board posts, paper, and project

1. A minimum of one reputable source must be referenced to support each of your initial discussion board posts, 9-12 peer reviewed journal articles must be used in the Policy Paper, a minimum of 10 reputable sources must be used for the Group Project. We suggest starting your search in OneSearch (below) or a few of the "First Picks" subject-specific databases (below). Explore the tutorials that follow and don't hesitate to contact the librarians for help developing a search strategy.

2. APA citations are required. Visit our APA Style Help page to learn how to properly cite your sources.

3. Follow the TECH340 instructions for how to organize the annotated bibliographies and outlines.

4. For the Group Project, you may want to review our FAQ about adding audio to a PowerPoint.

Start your search in the Library's OneSearch tool

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Note: This tool searches cover titles only, it does not search for article titles or within the text.

Google Scholar Search

Technology & Energy Research Databases

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eBooks on subjects in business and technology:
Multidisciplinary eBook databases:
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Click on a database name to search: