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TECH240: Job Task & Troubleshooting

Using Technology Research Databases for TECH240

This guide is designed to help you with your research and discussion posts for TECH240, introducing a range of technology resources available to you.

First, let's look at an example search strategy for lessons learned through lockout/tagout events in industry. Below, you'll see a sample search in Science & Technology Database (ProQuest) for:

  • lockout tagout
  • lessons learned
  • industr*

Notice that I've divide the topic into its main ideas and place each idea into a separate search box. Most advanced search interfaces start with two or three search boxes, but you can always add more for more complex topics. In both ProQuest and EBSCO, click the plus sign symbol to add additional search boxes.

After reviewing the results for this initial search, I can then refine my strategy using additional search terms found in the results list. For example, you might notice terms like "procedure failure", "electrical accident", and "safety incident" appearing in the results. Each of these relates to the idea of lessons learned following an accident, so I'll add them to the lessons learned search box separated by the word OR. Here's how:

On the results screen, click the Advanced Search link to return to the three search boxes. Edit the lessons learned box to include related ideas separated by the word OR. Here's my new search strategy:

  • lockout tagout
  • lessons learned OR "procedure failure*" OR "electrical accident*" OR "safety incident*"
  • industr*

Notice the three advanced search strategies I've used:

  1. Use quotation marks around phrases of two or more words to tell the database to search for those words right next to one another.
  2. Use an asterisk (*) at the end of a root word to tell the database to search for all relevant endings to the word. For example, a search for industr* will find results about industry and industrial.
  3. Use the word OR between synonyms and like-terms to tell the database to search for either term. Examples, "procedure failure*" OR "electrical accident*" OR "safety incident*".

I'd suggest starting your searches for TECH240 in Science & Technology Databases (ProQuest). Using databases with a technology focus will help you narrow your search to more relevant results.

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