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MLS500/HSC500: Graduate Research and Writing

Assignment Tips

  • Include 10 sources, of which a minimum of 3 are found using the Excelsior Library
  • Use a variety of at least 3 different types of quality, academic sources. For example: eBooks, journal articles, reputable websites, videos, reports, scholarly blogs, etc.
  • Format your annotated bibliography correctly, including proper:
    • alphabetization of sources
    • double-spacing
    • hanging indentation
    • standard format, such as all the same font, not bold, not numbered, no page breaks between citations, etc.
  • Choose a style, MLA or APA, and format your citations in your chosen style. Include all required elements in each citation, and pay attention to the order of the elements, capitalization, and punctuation
  • Contact the librarians for help finding, evaluating, and citing sources.
  • Check due dates listed in your course, and submit assignments on time.

Selected Resources

Select the tip sheet for the style you have chosen to use:

For more in-depth help and additional citation examples, check out our APA, MLA & More page.

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