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HSC434: Health Literacy


This HSC434 research guide provides guidance and tools to assist you in assessing a person's health literacy, designing appropriate health literacy instructional materials and then evaluating the effectiveness of those materials. As you move through the modules, you'll use various pages on this guide, going back and forth as you develop your assignments.

This page, 'Finding Articles', provides suggestions on using the library's OneSearch discovery tool to find peer-reviewed articles about various health literacy assessments, tools and materials, and evaluation strategies. You can start your search here to get some ideas, and you can come back to it once you've selected your assessment tool, learning theory or other topics that you need to research further. You'll see the OneSearch box in the Search tools box below; click on Switch to Advanced Search to begin your search.

Explore the boxes on the left (Assessing, Designing and Evaluating) to find websites that contain resources to accomplish the module activities, i.e. toolkits, guidelines, graphics and other materials. You can then use OneSearch to find articles about those topics.

Assignment tip sheet

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Note: This tool searches cover titles only, it does not search for article titles or within the text.

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