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HIS322: Revolutionary America

Selected Research Databases for HIS322 Assignments

Contains peer-reviewed articles:
Contains eBooks:

Project 1 Help: The Declaration of Independence

After carefully reading the draft version of the Declaration of Independence and comparing it with the final version, write an approximately 750-1000 word (3-4 page) paper that explains the cumulative effect in the changes between the two.

Your paper should reference at least one relevant peer-reviewed journal article from the library. Search the Selected  Research Databases listed above or OneSearch to find a peer-reviewed journal article for your paper.

Project 2 Help: War Movie Presentation

Compare the treatment of your chosen topic in the film/show to the treatment in your main course text, other assigned resources, and at least two other secondary sources written for a scholarly audience on the topic (i.e. peer-reviewed journal articles or books written by historians).

  1. Search the Selected Research Databases listed above or OneSearch to find two scholarly sources for your paper.
  2. Then, synthesize what you have learned in a podcast or a PowerPoint presentation.

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