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HIS321: Colonial America

Project 1 Help

For this assignment you need:

  • at least three sources you intend to use in Project 1, including the source you shared in M2D2.  (Scroll down on this guide to see recommended databases to search!)
  • a properly formatted bibliography. 
  • an annotation of approximately 150 words following each citation.  An annotation is simply a summary/evaluation of a scholarly resource.  In addition to the brief summary/evaluation, be sure to also include a brief statement conveying how the resource is appropriate for inclusion in your research.
  • an abstract with a thesis statement.

In Module 2 you chose a topic and began gathering sources and crafting a thesis statement. Now you will articulate this thesis statement and use sources as evidence to support your argument in a PowerPoint presentation.

Food choices for this assignment (read the associated link here to get started):

You may use any combination of primary or secondary sources, with a minimum of three sources outside of assigned readings. Present your findings in a PowerPoint with at least 10 slides. Your PowerPoint should include an introduction slide, a conclusion slide and several images or graphics, all of which should be cited properly. You may choose to either cite your sources directly on the slide, or in speaker notes below the slide.

Help with your Powerpoint

Project 2 Help

Review the requirements for Project 2 and read about wills and probate inventories. Then select a minimum of two of the listed wills and probates in your course and study them.Then, fill out the Wills and Probate Inventories worksheet.

Use your Wills and Probate Inventories worksheet, along with other sources, to craft a historical argument in a paper of 5-6 pages.

Find at least two relevant peer-reviewed journal articles from our library to draw out information about colonists’ lives. (Scroll down on this guide to see recommended databases to search!)

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