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BIO212: Microbiology

Overview of Pandemics/Epidemics

Final Presentation Help

First, select an epidemic disease from the list in your course.

Cholera toxin molecule

Laguna Design. (n.d.). Cholera toxin molecule [Photograph]. Science Photo Library.

Basic Search

First, do a basic search in the OneSearch tool. Just type the name of your epidemic disease into the OneSearch box and click the Search button.

Library's OneSearch


 Find articles, eBooks, etc.

Switch to Advanced Search 

OneSearch Video Series

Using Folders Video

What am I Searching?

Background Information

For additional overview-type information on your chosen disease, search the research databases listed on the Background Information page. For example, click on Britannica Online from that page, and type your disease into the search box.

Additional Resources

Need more sources? Check out the selected eBooks on this guide and/or go back to OneSearch and this time use some advanced search strategies, such as:

On the Advanced Search screen in OneSearch, you will see 3 search boxes that you can use to divide your topic into its main ideas.

In the top box, type the disease you are researching. If it's a two word name, like "yellow fever," put the name in quotation marks. The quotation marks mean that you are searching those words as a phrase, not as individual words. Changing the drop-down list next to the box from Select a field (optional) to SU Subject terms will limit your search to only articles that include the disease as a subject term. Try it both ways!

In the second box, type microbiology.

search results for search described above

You can limit your results with the Refine Results column on the left side of the page. Try limiting by date or resource type.

As you review your results, take note of the subject headings and keywords. They can help you create new search terms to find more information. 

article record with mosquito vectors and flaviviruses subjects highlighted

As always, if you need assistance, contact your librarians. We are happy to help!

A few selected resources

Search for additional data

You can also do a Google search for statistics. Add to the end of your search to limit your results to government websites. For example, [disease name] statistics


Find Images
Cite Sources and Images
Ready to record? Check out this guide for help with Screencast-o-matic, PowerPoint, TedTalk-like videos, and more!

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