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MLS620: Philosophies of Leadership

Quick Video: What are Primary Sources?

OneSearch Search Tips

Note: For this paper you need to use at least 2 secondary sources.

I recommend starting with OneSearch's advanced search screen for secondary sources. [Click the "Switch to Advanced Search" link underneath the OneSearch box to get three search boxes instead of one.]

Think of your topic and try to put each main idea into its own search box. For example, I typed Confucius in the first box, and leadership in the second box.

search results for search confucius in the first box and leadership in the second box

Try this in OneSearch below using your philosopher!

Search Tools

Library's OneSearch


 Find articles, eBooks, etc.

Switch to Advanced Search


Note: This tool searches cover titles only, it does not search for article titles or within the text.

Google Scholar Search

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